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NASA established 10 rules for safe programming in C. However those rules can be translated into a more general philosophy that will help you make even interpreted languages more resilient. It's also a statement on how developers are responsible for the reliability of their products. is a great platform to publish, however the writer's interface is a bit clumsy and especially for developers it's very sad not being able to put your articles in Git, as it's the regular workflow. We go through the ways to use GitHub actions to bridge that gap.

A lot of CLI programs don't give you progress bars, especially old but very useful ones like gzip. This articles explains how Linux can help you peek into that while also introducing a program I've created to automatically spy on file reading progress.

Delivering software on time is most definitely one of the most challenging parts of a developer's job. In order to be able to take responsibility of the development time we need to define ways of managing risk and uncertainty into the planning.

John Wick is a fascinating movie not only because if its direction but also because the main character is portrayed in a way that does not bend physics too much. In order to make it work, they had to find a credible way to make him go through the 3 movies and the lessons to be learned can be applied to the job of developer.