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Typefit makes use of Python's typing annotations in order to help you parse and validate JSON then load it into native structures. This helps with the use of auto-completion but also procures tools to create API clients with minimal boilerplate and full typing annotations.

The DEV website has an API open to everyone but there is no CLI tools to use it. The goal of this tool is to help authors use the API from CLI and particularly to be able to publish from CLI.

BERNARD is a new kind of framework aiming to allow company process to be applied to chatbot technology. So far, this field has been dominated either by low-level libraries or high-level SaaS but no framework comparable to Django or RoR exists for chatbot creation so BERNARD fills this gap.

Serial port can't be accessed from PHP... Or can it? Making use of CLI tools and native system mechanisms, this class helps you to access and configure the serial port on your system from PHP. Written a very long time ago, this class has proven to be surprisingly successful due to the advent of Raspberry Pi and other systems alike.